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Do you drag yourself every morning to go to your 9 am to 6 pm work? Are you getting fed up with your work? Do you hate seeing your boss? Is your boss demanding? Do you seek something else to do that is more enjoyable? One that gives you the option of whether to wake up early or late? One that does not require you to commit eight hours of your precious time per day? Then, freelancing might suit you. Although freelancing comes in many forms, you can be a designer, writer, programmer, or whatever services you can offer to your clients. Depending on the services that you can offer, the tools and equipment you need also varies. However, there are certain items that every freelancer, regardless of the field, needs. Here are some items that you will need:

Social Media Accounts

Regardless of the services that you offer, it is essential that you attract customers for your freelance business to thrive. While posters and flyers can be utilized for this purpose, the use of social media marketing can be a cheap and wise option. With the wide scope of people that it can reach, promoting through social media accounts will help you attract customers and start working. Make sure that you will be friendly and approachable. Building a good rapport increases customer retention rate. Once your customer is satisfied with his order, the word-of-mouth marketing can help you increase your orders. 

Commit to Work

Not because you are on your own does not mean that you will keep on slacking off. Remember that this is your income source. Not working directly means that you will not earn anything. Although you are a freelancer, you need to commit yourself to work as if freelancing is a 9 am to 6 pm office job. Unlike corporate jobs, you do not need to work strictly from 9 am to 6 pm. It is best to develop a routine with an allocated time for freelancing. Most freelancers establish their workspace at home. However, some find it intoxicating to do so. Some cannot even concentrate when they are at home. In these cases, finding your own coworking office space will be beneficial. With its environment, you can certainly concentrate on your work. It will also help you commit to work by striving to get to your own “office” everyday.

Be Organized

As your customers keep on coming in, it is essential to keep your files in order. Organize your records and keep close track of your deadlines. If you are a musical artist, you can keep a copy of your recordings, which can be part of your work portfolio. The same goes for writers who should store a copy of their work. You can rely on these works on expanding your current customer base. Not only that, it is important to monitor your deadlines. Punctuality is a crucial factor in the freelancing business. One mistake can cause a big dent on your reputation; hence, be mindful of your requirements and deadlines.

Although it takes courage to resign and to begin your own freelancing business, many take this route as they tend to get bored with their jobs. Then again, starting off with freelancing can be a tough job so keep these pointers in mind to guide you through your freelancing endeavors.

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